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Tuesday, April 13th. 1st day of conference




Journalist and academic at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley: David Tuller: «A critical look at the methods in the PACE study, Norwegian cognitive behavioral therapy combined with music therapy for chronic fatigue after Epstein-Barr virus infection among youth and the portrayal of ME/CFS in Norwegian media. Video – Language: English


ME researcher, immunologist and professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, New York: Mady Hornig: «Robust evidence for ME/CFS as a biological disease - distinct immune signatures in the cerebrospinal fluid in ME suggesting immune dysregulation in the central nervous system as a function of sub-group and disease course». Video – Language: English




Specialist in Anesthesiology / Intensive care and pain relief, Bragée clinics, Stockholm: Björn Bragée: «Research and a published study that indicates there's a coexistence of hypermobility and constriction of the neck column. Examination of the brain and the cervical spine by magnetic resonance imaging (MR). Constriction of the cervical spine. Changes in the optic nerve that can indicate an increased pressure in the fluid surrounding the brain». Language: Swedish




Professor of Analytical chemistry and Neurochemistry at the Institute of chemistry- Biomedical Center at Uppsala University in Sweden: Jonas Bergquist «Molecular diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS – analysis of cerebrospinal fluid as a unique source for Neurochemical biomarkers for ME/CFS». Research on COVID-19 might produce important information on the research on ME. Language: Swedish




Professor at the Institute for Biomedicine. the University of Bergen: Karl Johan Tronstad: «Does ME/CFS stem from energy failure in the body's cells?» - research on Energy metabolism. Language: Norwegian




Doctor at the Department for cancer treatment and medicinal physics at Haukeland University Hospital, Phd- at the University of Bergen: Ingrid Gurvin Rekeland

Doctor at the Department for cancer treatment and medicinal physics at Haukeland University Hospital, Professor at the University of Bergen:  Øystein Fluge: «Medicinal treatment and bio-markers in regards to ME/CFS» Language: Norwegian




Professor of Child neurology, at the Children's clinic at Haukeland University Hospital: Kristian Sommerfelt: «Pitfalls and useful strategies during diagnosis and follow-up treatment». ME research and prognosis among children and the young. Language: Norwegian


End of day lectures

Start of evening lectures


Professor Emeritus in Pediatrics, researched at the University of Oslo: Ola Didrik Saugstad
«A new light on ME» - summary of the latest bio-medicinal research findings.




Research journalist and author: Jørgen Jelstad: «ME – The development in regards to research, the general view on ME and funding for bio-medicinal research through decades».


Closing statements for the first day

Wednesday April 14th: 2nd day of conference


Opening, Welcome. Day 2.


Professor in Pediatrics at Oslo University Hospital: Ola Didrik Saugstad

«The ImmunoME study at Oslo University Hospital» about immunology and genetics in regards to ME - published research findings and the findings of possible subgroups. Language: Norwegian




Doctor in specialized education and scholarship holder at the University Hospital in Northern Norway (UNN) Harstad: Linn Christin Skevling
«The research project Fecal microbiota transplantation - a blind placebo study, which is an update from The Comeback Study”. Is there a possibility that ME can be caused by a disturbance in the natural intestinal flora, that has been shown to have a different composition, compared to the composition among healthy people? Findings of increased markers in the immune system that might be a sign of bacterial products leaking from the intestines.  Language: Norwegian




Senior researcher at Sintef, the Department of Health, Project Manager for «The Services and ME»: Line Melby
Services and the service needs: An analysis of the mismatch between the existing services for ME-pasients, and what they acually need.  Language: Norwegian


Researcher at Fafo: Anne Kielland
The research project «Tjenesten og Meg; trendar i brukaropplevingar» «The Services and ME; trends in   the experiences of pasients»  Language: Norwegian


Closing statements

The conference will have to adapt to the COVID-19 situation and the national guidelines and rules in regards to this. Therefore, this conference will be a digital conference, streamed on the Web, without the possibility of physical attendance. 


Webinar conference: Both conference days, including both day and evening lectures:

2000,- NOK
Webinar: Evening lecture: 400,- NOK

REGISTRATION – Registering for the conference is binding, and has to be done by March 31th in regards to the digital conference.  Conference information can be obtained at . We will be using the registration system, where you can pay by card or using Vipps. Regrettably, you will not be able to pay by invoice. 

Registration is corresponding to the Webinar solution ClickMeeting, and we will be utilizing that. We will find a way for people to register even though they can't watch all the lectures when they are streamed. Those who pay the registration fee can re-enter at and watch the lectures at the time of their own convenience.

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