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Hjernefunksjonskarakteristikker ved kronisk utmattelsessyndrom:En oppgave fMRI-studie

Studie frå Australia som viser lågare oksygentilførsel i delar av hjernen til ME-sjuke

BOLD = oksygennivå i blodet

"This study investigated BOLD responses to the Stroop task in CFS patients. We found that CFS patients recruit more regions to accomplish the Stroop task than controls. Among 50 regions with BOLD activation in both CFS patients and NCs, SampEns of BOLD signals in 10 areas were significantly lower in CFS patients and significantly correlated with health scores across all subjects. The SampEn of BOLD signals in the medioventral occipital cortex accounted for 40% and 31% of the variance in the SF-36 PCS and MCS scores respectively, and those in the precentral gyrus accounted for an additional 16% and 7% across all subjects. These findings indicate that the brain recruits wider regions to compensate for the lower information capacity of the BOLD responses in CFS."

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